2013-2014 Dance Year Schedule
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Pre-School Program

Preschool classes range in age from 1.5 to 6 years old.  If you do not see the class session you are looking for please log into our system and see more.

DanceLife Educational Classes

The DanceLife curriculum is built around education, performance and fun. We believe that a good dancer must have passion and technique. These two elements go hand and hand in a dancer's development. Our classes are structured in such a way that dancers learn both aspects of dance while having fun.
Our 2016-2017 schedule will be available shortly. Check back soon! 
Key for Classes:
Dance Style | Letters A-D| Numbers 1-3
A - Children's classes
B - Preteen classes
C - Teen classes
D - Teen & Adult classes

If you are joining us for the full year, please register for both Fall and Spring classes.
Don't forget to register for our performances!

Community Dance Program

Our community dance program is a 50-minute dance experience. These sessions, which combine genres, help students move and give them a sense of what being a dancer is all about. These classes do not have a performance at the end of the sessions.